Testimonials from Past Journey Weekends

  • “This was the most amazing experience.”
  • “A very profound message of love was delivered and felt.”
  • “I found what I was looking for…”
  • “My journey meant discovering my direction of faith and realizing how important my connection with God is in my life”
  • “I learned that minimal knowledge of God results in minimal love of God.  I will work to increase my knowledge and thus increase my love.”
  • “I found Christ again, felt love and support and a lifting of the burdens I was carrying.”
  • “This Journey has brought me closer to God than I’ve ever been.”
  • “…renewed my love of Jesus and strengthened my faith through education.”
  • “I cherish the mass and the rosary and I enjoyed the gift of sharing these experiences with all of these wonderfully blessed women.”
  • “Mary’s Way of the Cross was beautiful and one I haven’t experienced until this weekend.”
  • “As a person who was raised Catholic, but never participated in a full rosary, Divine Mercy Chaplet, adoration or Benediction, the first few meditations were hard to do and concentrate on but as the weekend went on, I really enjoyed slowing down and focusing on my relationship with God.”
  • “I am very new to the Catholic faith and having different topics broken down and explained was so helpful.”

For many, a Catholic Journey weekend
​is a new awakening to a deeper friendship with Christ.


The Catholic Journey Experience is part of the Diocese of Helena’s response to the call for a new evangelization.  It is a ministry of the Catholic Laity of the Diocese, in union with the local priests, deacons, and religious assisting as spiritual directors. The Catholic Journey Experience ministry evangelizes through love, proclamation, prayer, personal witness, and an invitation to an ongoing deeper union with Christ and his Church through the life of faith and ongoing ministries within our local Catholic parishes.

Who is invited:

We Invite Catholics, Catholics who have been away for a while, baptized Christians, and any one of any faith or even no faith who are searching to discover who Christ is and where He lives. This New Catholic Journey is an open door to the Church and ALL are welcome.

What is The Catholic Journey Experience?

The Catholic Journey Experience is an opportunity to experience a three-day weekend of Catholic spirituality as lived in a group of Catholic laities, who will share in the Catholic Community through reflections on the Catholic faith, personal testimonies, and Catholic prayer.

The weekend is based on these questions:
  1. Who am I?
  2. Where am I going?
  3. How will I get there?
  4. Who am I going with?

What happens during a Catholic Journey Experience Weekend?

The Catholic Journey Experience Weekend begins on a Thursday evening and ends the following Sunday about midday.  You will listen to a series of reflections on topics of faith and have an opportunity to discuss and reflect on the message in a small group.

Even if the topics of these reflections are not new to you, you may find yourself hearing them in fresh, new ways.

The joyous thing is that ordinary lay men and women give the reflections that relate to the lives of people everywhere – people like you!

You will spend the three days with about 20 to 30 other men or women. All your meals will be provided. Accommodations for any special needs you may have will be made. The Journey weekend is a perfect opportunity to get away from daily distractions and listen to how God is inviting you.

The weekend includes various Catholic devotional practices such as the Rosary, the Divine Mercy Chaplet, Stations of the Cross, Mass, Reconciliation and Adoration.  Explanations are given prior to sharing each Catholic prayer tradition and participation is optional.

At the end of the weekend the post-weekend Catholic Journey Experience activities will be explained and an invitation will be extended to join us in our ongoing Journey of lived faith at our local Catholic parishes and with the Catholic Community you will have discovered on the weekend.

Weekends are currently scheduled in
Helena, Bozeman, Missoula and Butte