Men's Weekend 

 June 13-16 2024

Men's Leader

Don Smith

Reading: Romans 5:5

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​Women's Weekend

​ June 6-9 2024

Women's Leader

Darlene Espeland Falk 

Reading: Colossians 3:12-14

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The 1st Vice & 2025 Women’s Weekend Leader is Katie Schladetsch.

I am honored to be the 1st Vice for the 2024 Women's Journey Weekend.  I have been married to Dale for 37 years.  We have 3 amazing daughters, Megan, Paige and Nikki.  My relationship with my family is very precious and dear to me.  We are a fun loving and close knit family even though we are spread from one coast to the other!  I am a member of Holy Rosary Parish.  I've been involved in ministries in the church including being a Eucharistic Minister, greeter and a Faith Formation teacher.  I work at Costco, a career which has spanned over 30 years.  I love to sew, quilt, camp, travel and be outdoors.  I made my Cursillo/Journey weekend in East Helena in 2008.  My Journey experience was life changing for me.  I never realized how much God was working in my life until I participated in my weekend.  I grew to know Jesus and have a deeper personal relationship with him.  I am excited to share my faith and my love of the Lord!


The 2024  Women’s Weekend Leader is Darlene Espeland Falk

Verse: Colossians 3:12-14

I am a friend of Jesus. This friendship began years ago, but I first discovered that He was a treasured friend after participating in a Women’s Catholic Journey/ Cursillo Weekend in 2006. I believe that my experiences in life have truly been a gift from God: as a wife to Royal for 46 years, as a mother of 4 daughters, (Christina, Michaela, Rhiann and Danica), and as a grandmother of 8. Having a career as an RN Case Manager at Bozeman Health and volunteering as a Parish Nurse at Resurrection University Parish has inspired me to focus my life on peace, harmony, wellness, kindness, integrity, joy, generosity, humor, and love for others. My last 18 years as a Bozeman Journey member has added valuable opportunities for me through Christian fellowship, prayer, discipleship, holiness, humility, forgiveness, gratitude, unity and a profound love of God. Please join me and other faithful Journeyers at the next Women’s Gallatin Valley Journey Weekend on June 6-9, 2024, in Bozeman to become a treasured friend of Jesus while experiencing and beginning your best possible life.

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A video describing the Journey Weekend and some personal experiences of members.

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The 2nd Vice & 2026 Women’s Weekend Leader is Cindi Huempfner.

I am in awe of what God has done in my life and the love and mercy He has for each and every one of us. My heartfelt wish is to have every woman attending our Journey weekends experience that love and mercy for themselves. I made my Journey weekend in 2011, and I felt overwhelmed by the love of God and the love of the community around me.  It was truly extra special, and it's why I've been involved ever since.  I celebrate 50 years of marriage in 2024, to the wonderful man God created for me, Michael.  I'd like to say we were married at 10, but then I'd be lining up for confession.  We have a son and two daughters, all married, living out of state with our 5 precious grandchildren, 3 boys and 2 girls, ages 8, 7, 6, 7 and 10 months respectively.  My deepest wish is to show God's love and care to those He puts in my path.

The 1st Vice & 2025 Men’s Weekend Leader is Steve Cichon.

I will be the Men’s Journey Leader for 2025, thus I am serving as the 1st Vice this year. I am married to Chris and we have 3 beautiful children. My church is Holy Rosary Parish. I am a very busy working man! But, I can still remember when I had my first “part time” job years ago- it was only 40hrs a week. [😉] Fortunately I am not too busy for God, which is why my wife and I love participating in the Journey community. I know that if you give a Journey weekend a chance, as I did, you will also find time for Jesus in your life.

The 2024  Men’s Weekend Leader is Don Smith

Verse: Romans 5:5

I will be the leader for the upcoming Men’s Journey Weekend.  I invite you to attend this incredible Journey Weekend retreat and be filled with the Holy Spirit.  Father Leo often quotes Bishop Vetter with, “When did you start to LIKE Jesus?”  I was raised always knowing Jesus. I was born into a Christian family with a twin brother and one sister. We were raised Methodist.  My family moved several times when I was very young, but we eventually settled in Colorado, where I was raised.  I left Colorado, in 1974, to attend college at Montana State University, for Mechanical Engineering.  While attending MSU I did two incredible things; I joined the Catholic Church and I also married, my wife, Desiree.  Desiree and I have been married over 43 years and we have one son, Jared.  We both have been active in our parish life.  I attended a Cursillo/Journey weekend in 2007, the same year I joined the Knights of Columbus.  Being part of both the Cursillo/Journey and the Knights of Columbus has helped me enhance my faith.  Being part of the faith community has kept me more focused on Jesus and his mission.  Please join me for the Men’s Journey Weekend, June 13-16, 2024, in Bozeman.