The 2023  Men’s Weekend Leader is Tim Daley.

More to come when inspiration strikes.

A video describing the Journey Weekend and some personal experiences of members.

Click here for the video.

The 2023  Women’s Weekend Leader is Lynn West.

Lynn made her weekend in September 1994 in East Helena. She lives in Belgrade with her husband Jeff, has 3 grown children, and six grandbabies. Lynn has joyfully served in the diocese as a youth minister, in music ministry, directed Called By Name Players, was a member of the Diocene Youth Council, has taught workshops on integrating the arts in spiritual curriculums, and teaches PreCana and greets at Holy Rosary Church in Bozeman. 

She is so excited to be leading the upcoming Womens’ Journey weekend June 15 - 18, 2023, in Bozeman.

Registration forms for team members and candidates are on the General Support Page.

Men's Weekend 

June 8-11 2023

Men's Leader

Tim Daley


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​Women's Weekend

​June 15-18 2023

Women's Leader

Lynn West


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