For many, a Catholic Journey weekend is a new awakening to a deeper friendship with Christ.

The weekend begins on a Thursday evening and concludes midday the subsequent Sunday.  As a participant, you will have the opportunity to listen to a series of talks, discuss and reflect on the underlying message of the topic in a small group. Chances are, the general topics will not necessarily be new to you, but you may find yourself hearing them in a fresh new way. These talks are given by ordinary lay men and women just like you. They work to convey how the theme of their talk relates to their everyday life and the lives of Christian people everywhere. This Catholic Journey weekend provides a perfect opportunity to get away from daily distractions, relax and enjoy the fellowship of other Christians as you listen and reflect on how God is calling each of us to His service.

You will spend the three days with 20 to 30 other lay men or women living as part of a Christian Community.  All meals will be provided and yes, we can meet any dietary requirements or other special needs.

Sound exciting??!!  We believe that it is and are confident you will find it to be the best three days of your life.